The Dinner for Dogs Package


It’s important for all dogs at the AACL-CT to be on a healthy, balanced diet. Therefore, careful selection in the right formulas have been taken based on age, size and breed of dog. This will provide the balanced energy they typically need to maintain a healthy weight. We’ve also thrown in some delicious chewy treats to make a dog’s day. So go on, help these dogs get some healthy food in their diet.

Small Package – R430
– 1x Royal Canin Mini Starter Mother & Babydog Canned Mousse 12 x 195g
Medium Package – R600
– 1x Montego – Classic Adult Dog – 25kg; 3x Montego – Bag O’ Wags Chicken Sticks – 0.12kg
Large Package – R1100
– 1x Royal Canin Medium Adult/Junior – 15kg; 4x Montego – Bag O’ Wags Chicken Sticks – 0.12kg

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