The Dinner Time Package


3 Meals for 85 patients are prepared daily. Cutlery and crockery need to be durable and re-usable while remaining child friendly. Help make meal times an easy and enjoyable experience for both staff and patient, by gifting the Dinner Time package. These items will certainly not go without use.

Small Package – R80
– 1x Melamine plate; 1x Plastic mug (red or blue)
Medium Package – R200
– 1x Melamine plate; 1x Melamine bowl; 1x Plastic mug (red or blue); 1x Dessert spoons (plastic 4pcs); 1x teaspoons (plastic 12pcs)
Large Package – R385
– 2x Melamine plate; 2x Melamine bowl; 2x Plastic mug (red or blue); 2x Dessert spoons (plastic 4pcs); 2x teaspoons (plastic 12pcs)

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