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The Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town (AACL-CT), was established on the 1st May 1969. It is a charitable organization, entirely supported by voluntary donations.

The AACL-CT offers a variety of services for animals namely:
• A consultation primary health care service, as well as treatment for animals subjected to cruelty, motor vehicle accidents, abuse and neglect. The clinic and hospital attend to 54,000 animals per annum.
• Rescued or unwanted animals are rehabilitated and placed in the kennels/cattery for adoption. The department re-home 500 animals per annum.
• The AACL-CT have three fully-trained inspectors who are authorised under the Animals Protection Act No 71 of 1962, to inspect the premises of all complaints lodged at the League, and after counselling, should the owners still be unable to care for their animal/s, the inspectors have the authority to confiscate the animal/s.
• The AACL-CT operates a mobile clinic to disadvantaged areas 7 times a week, to assist the communities with primary health care, sterilisation, vaccinations and education. 3,600 animals are attended to by this service per annum.

Learn more about the AACL here.

“We are so grateful for the public’s support and generosity that allows us to keep our doors open to help all the needy animals in our community. As an NPO we are entirely dependent on the kindness from the public and gifts whether as goods or funding, become a lifeline for the organisation. We are exceptionally grateful for the platform that Kiff Bru Projects have offered to us and we are confident that through this initiative, all the animal loving people in the Western Cape will get a chance to help an animal welfare like ours and truly make a difference. And this can all be done with the click of your mouse; it has never been easier to give.”

– Dr Mpho Hlalele

Each organisation receives regular on site visits by Kiff Bru Projects which establishes legitimacy and a physical assessment of grounds, services and outstanding needs.

Kiff Bru Projects aims to determine what tangible products are required by the organisation. From that, which can be purchased and donated by the general public.

The gift packages on each project is selected based on the following:
• Type of organisation
• Capacity of organisation
• Historical purchases based on the last three years
• Additional funding (if any) received from other contributors
• Annual budget of the organisation versus outstanding funds needed in the form of donations from the public in order to remain operational
• Assessment in areas of improvement

The Animal Anti-Cruelty League Cape Town’s entire funding comes through donations from animal lovers and sponsors. They are not funded by the South African government locally or centrally. All donated money and goods are used with great care to ensure the best possible care can be given to as many needy animals as possible.

• For each project Kiff Bru Projects create Milestones.
• A milestone = gift packages purchased within a specific time frame.
• The aim is to reach these milestones as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next one.
• Each milestone starts off small and will grow over time as the first milestones are reached.

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Your contribution to the AACL-CT goes straight to work helping thousands of animals—both at the clinic and through outreach and rescue programs all across the province.