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Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital is one of two Paediatric Orthopaedic Hospitals in South Africa. Their facility specializes in the medical and surgical treatment of children with physical disability due to disease or accident.

The hospital has 85 beds and a full operating theatre, and more than 550 operations are performed every year.

Physical disabilities that Maitland Cottage Hospital specialize in, include:
• Osteitis (bone inflammation or infection)
• Acute Osteomyelitis as a result of malnutrition often due to less than ideal living conditions directly related to impoverishment
• Osteogenesis imperfecta (brittle bone disease)
• Spina Bifida
• As we as complications such as Meningomyelocoele often resulting in paralysis of the lower limbs
• Fractures often requiring long term traction and Bone TB.

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Each organisation receives regular on site visits by Kiff Bru Projects which establishes legitimacy and a physical assessment of grounds, services and outstanding needs.

Kiff Bru Projects aims to determine what tangible products are required by the organisation. From that, which can be purchased and donated by the general public.

The gift packages on each project is selected based on the following:
• Type of organisation
• Capacity of organisation
• Historical purchases based on the last three years
• Additional funding (if any) received from other contributors
• Annual budget of the organisation versus outstanding funds needed in the form of donations from the public in order to remain operational
• Assessment in areas of improvement

Maitland Cottage Hospital receives provincial government funding, but this is not enough to enable it to keep on delivering the valuable services and care that have become so important to children from economically challenged communities around the country Due to these children’s lack of mobility, they not only need additional medical and healthcare attention but a dedicated in-house school is required for their education too.

To ensure this can be implemented, many commodities are needed on a daily basis per child.

• For each project Kiff Bru Projects create Milestones.
• A milestone = gift packages purchased within a specific time frame.
• The aim is to reach these milestones as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next one.
• Each milestone starts off small and will grow over time as the first milestones are reached.

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