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‘Ukama’ is a Shona word meaning ‘we are related’ or ‘we are family’. The Ukama Community Foundation is a registered NPC supporting informal preschools/ creches in the Vrygrond and Capricorn area near Muizenberg. The organisation chooses facilities that are unregistered and not supported by government or other Non-Profit Organisations financially. All the facilities are in the process of working towards registration.

The Ukama Foundation provides cooking equipment, food, Easter and Christmas Packs and support to the registration NPO called True North. They also aim to provide Educational equipment, toys and books when able to be sourced through donations.

The foundation has been going for 3 years now supporting around 200 children through 3 facilities. From 2018 this will increase to support 340 children in 7 facilities. The Ukama goal is to make life a little brighter for children in Vrygrond.

Let’s help them do that.

Learn more about the Ukama Community Foundation here.

“Ukama Community Foundation is so excited to be working with Kiff Bru Projects. We are a small Foundation trying to make a big difference to young children living in Townships. We do this through assistance with meals and educational supplies to informal creches. Early Childhood Development is close to our hearts and improving outcomes of children living in poverty is what we strive to do. We rely solely on donations to reach our goals of assisting around 340 children each day. Thank You for #MakingADifference. It takes a Village!”

Janine Roberts

Each organisation receives regular on site visits by Kiff Bru Projects which establishes legitimacy and a physical assessment of grounds, services and outstanding needs.

Kiff Bru Projects aims to determine what tangible products are required by the organisation. From that, which can be purchased and donated by the general public.

The gift packages on each project is selected based on the following:

• Type of organisation
• Capacity of organisation
• Historical purchases based on the last three years
• Additional funding (if any) received from other contributors
• Annual budget of the organisation versus outstanding funds needed in the form of donations from the public in order to remain operational
• Assessment in areas of improvement

The Ukama Community Foundation is not supported by government or other NPO’s financially. They rely solely on donations made by the general public and other organisations who may be aware of them. These crèches’ require the most basic of pre-school items in order to prepare these children for primary school as best as they possibly can.

• For each project Kiff Bru Projects create Milestones.
• A milestone = gift packages purchased within a specific time frame.
• The aim is to reach these milestones as quickly as possible in order to move on to the next one.
• Each milestone starts off small and will grow over time as the first milestones are reached.

This is where Kiff Bru Projects and your help is needed. Click here to see their wish list and choose a gift to give today.

The project milestones

Help us reach our 2020 Milestone by getting to 150 gifts for this project!
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Your contribution to Ukama Community Foundation goes straight to helping supporting around 340 children across seven facilities.